Fusion Project Page

Current source code is now hosted on GitHub

Setup instructions for Windows with VC2010:

  1. Clone the Fusion, RAS and ScriptUtils git repos
  2. Install the dependencies:
    1. Create a new folder called FusionDependencies
    2. Download and extract Fusion Dependencies (headers and binaries compiled for VC2010) into the folder you just created
  3. Open and build ScriptUtils\ScriptUtils.sln
  4. Open and build RAS\libRocket_AngelScript.sln
  5. You can now open and build Fusion\Fusion.sln
  6. Done!*

*Oops, one last step: Run bin/setup_targetdirs.cmd before debugging Fusion within Visual Studio: this should copy all the .dlls from FusionDependencies\bin, libRocket\bin, RakNet-x.x\Lib, RAS\library, etc. into the build configuration target directories (e.g. Fusion\debug).

Pre-compiled builds:

Go here to download up-to-date builds.

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